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Welcome to Aadhi Events Management (AEM) Promos & Eventz !!!

Event Organizing Companies have grown well over the last decade. Be it a concert, conference, corporate event or marathons, people have started to take interest in all kinds of events equally and actively.

AEM is an Event management company based in Chennai. We are booming with the team of dynamic people wanting to explore and create an unique combination of inspiration, creative resources & technical know how with a large clientele & thus make a difference to the world of events. Because of this dedicated team, implementation of projects is upper best. That’s why we are capable of turning ideas into reality in no time! We have extended our services to Cultural Programs, Sports Leagues and Food drive programs!!!

We have extended our services to Cultural Programs, Sports Leagues and Food drive programs!!!

About CEO

About Mr. Aadhi Life comes on earth to fulfill a work. Each life is meant to fulfill a mission ordained by God, the Lord of creation. Man has to take up special duties imparted by the divine will. Nothing in nature is for itself. Rivers don't drink water, trees don't eat their fruits, the sun does not give heat and light for itself. Water touches all, belongs to all, all living beings can quench thrust with it. Similarly Mr. Aadhi’s life was undoubtedly like a stream of pure water whose tireless effort was to help poor people. He strongly believed that those who are privileged to have wealth should contribute significantly to try and create a better world for the millions who are far less privileged as the best way to serve. God is to serve man. Living for others was the way of their life. He is attributing his life in the service of the society and burning himself like a candle to give light to millions.

Age is not a limit nor an exception to realize your true potential or the way you want to live your life. There are entrepreneurs who realize that they do not fit the cubicle job system at a later stage in their life and thus reverted to starting their businesses and then there are some who realized that the only way for them is to start their own business and be their own boss. At the age of 24, Mr.Aadhi who came from a small village in South India started organizing small competitions and events among runners. They earned by charging a little fee to gain entry into these competitions. Today Aadhi Events Management, that gives the young runners an opportunity to learn about fitness and how to prepare for international marathon events etc. Also, he is now an author and a magazine publisher. He writes an e-magazine called BE A TOPPER for students.

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